A new home?

That's just the beginning.

Your neighborhood is every bit as important as your home. In fact, it’s an extension of it. That’s why we’ve put such thoughtful planning into all 420 acres of Florence Gardens, with unique and enticing amenities you simply won’t find elsewhere.

The Pool at Midland Cove is more than just a place for residents to swim. It’s an oasis nestled in the piney woods where folks gather to savor the summer and to celebrate a neighborhood that feels like home. Both Magnolia Hall and Blueberry Hill are conveniently nearby via Butterfly Boardwalk.



Lake Florence is a 27-acre natural lake that offers residents precious hours of fishing and canoeing. The pavilion atop the lake’s northern bluff and the gazebo at water’s edge — both wheelchair and stroller-friendly — are perfect places to enjoy spectacular views and breezes through the trees.



The Park at Whisper Garden is a fun place for the kids to swing, slide, climb or play catch. A pavilion and several picnic tables scattered among the shade trees offer relaxing places for you to reflect. And for some residents, it’s right outside the backyard gate.



Magnolia Hall is home to our sales and management team by day and, by night, it’s a gathering place for our residents and our Gulf Coast community. For booking information, please contact Ryan@florencegardens.com or call 228.539.5039 ex. 292.



Butterfly Boardwalk is part of a continuous pathway system that meanders through the neighborhood. The extra-wide wood and concrete pathway allows residents to walk comfortably, at their own pace, from their homes to their favorite destinations.



Blueberry Hill is Florence Gardens’ coolest place to play. Tucked away in the woods next to Magnolia Hall, you’ll find kids running up the grassy ramp that spirals around the outside of the hill and — you guessed it — rolling down to the landing below.



Our Post Office and Community Garden are located in the Town Green District, overlooking our beautiful Lake Florence. Each evening, you’ll find residents walking their way there, chatting with neighbors, picking up mail, and checking on veggies.



Green space, parks and woodland preserves — 100 acres worth — are tucked away throughout Florence Gardens. Our wildflower corridors, butterfly-houses and birdhouses embody our “live green” ethos, creating beautiful scenery for our residents while giving wildlife a place to call home.



Remember riding your bike to school? It’s no longer a thing of the past now that Hope Academy – an independent Preschool and Elementary School – has a campus at Florence Gardens.