Our School

Hope Academy is an independent, non-denominational Pre-K2 through 12 school located in Gulfport.  $4345 Annual Tuition.

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At Hope Academy, we strive to cultivate a spirit of creativity and independent thinking in our students with an innovative curriculum that embraces the very best principles of teaching and learning, free of the constraints imposed by Common Core guidelines.

In addition to a top-tier academic program, Hope Academy students are immersed in the fine arts, foreign language, physical education and other special classes fundamental to a well-rounded education.

Plus, classes at Hope Academy are limited to sixteen students each, allowing instructors to maximize learning opportunities for each student.

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Construction on the NEW Hope Academy facility will begin this summer.  The campus will be tucked away on 16 acres in the heart of the Town Green District in Florence Gardens.

Our new school will measure over 13,000 square feet and will feature:

  • Enhanced educational environment with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Natural light in every classroom.
  • Maximum protection with sophisticated security equipment and optimized design.
  • Furniture and finishes utilizing current antimicrobial materials.
  • Room to expand and add grades as student body grows with scalable master plan for building and grounds.