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This is Florence Gardens...Refreshingly Timeless.

Think about having the things you need--or need to do--in close proximity.
Or a school children can walk or bike to.
neighbor" feels synonymous with "friend."
A place where people experience a richness of life uncommon in the eve
ryday subdivision.

Seemingly at odds with our modern, hectic, cookie-cutter world...perhaps that's why our "old" way of life feels so fresh and new for those that make Florence Gardens their hometown.  

Sponsored by the Florence Gardens Residential Neighborhood Owners Association (FGRNOA), our Resident Events Committee aims to create events that contribute to the vibrant spirit of our community and bring our neighbors together. Outdoor movie nights, food trucks, a live music series, golf cart parades, bi-annual firework displays, holiday celebrations, the Annual Crawfish Boil & Egg Hunt, and more -- the Committee's hard work and commitment shine through in every gathering they organize. 

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